2000 – 2004 Visal Art Highschool in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2006 – 2009 Bachelor's degree: major Film and minor Visual art at University Paris 8, Paris Saint-Denis, France

2009 – 2011 Master's degree in contemporary art practice at Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Quimper, Quimper, France, magna cum laude

2011 – 2013  Master's degree in contemporary artand new media at University Paris 8, Paris Saint-Denis, France (mention très bien - summa cum laude)




2009 « Dad de Stephen Dwoskin ou le miroir intérieur » (Dad of Stephen Dwoskin or the Inner Mirror), 2009, Bachelor's Thesis, Université Paris 8, 40 pages

2011 « Chambres et Hors-chambres, les fragments d’un monde » (Chambers and Off-Chambers, Fragments of a World), 2011, artist book and Master's Thesis for DNSEP, École Supérieure d’art de Quimper, 261 pages

2013 « ENTRE INTÉRIORITÉ ET EXTÉRIORITÉ : rêve et mémoire, figures de l’ambivalence, formes de la narration, processus créatifs » (Between Interiority and Exteriority: Dream and Memory, Figures of Ambivalence, Forms of Narration, Creative Processus), 2013, Master's Thesis, Université Paris 8, 127 pages




2018  Room on the Street (Kotičkanje v Sobi na ulici), interactive installation for children, Novi Trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 5 times June-August

2017  Fairy Tale Room, interactive installation for children, Novi Trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 5 times June-August

2016  Twosomes, show with Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, installation Burn old love burn, Gallery DLUL, part of Photonic Moments festival 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016 Video evening - retrospective overview of my video work, Gallery Photon, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015  In rooms of memories that were not, multimedia installation + live performances + sound piece, Žalec, Savin's Fine Art Salon, Slovenia

2015  Looking for the nightlife, multimedia spatial installation, Gallery Alkatraz and Modern Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 Room on the street, interactive installation for kids, Ljubljana, Novi trg (June, July, August) at Kolodvorska ulica (22th of September), Slovenia

2014 My Room, interactive installation for kids, Novi trg, Ljubljana (June, July, August), Slovenia

2013 Etats - States - Stanja, video, Video Wall - Urban Gallery on the street (10. 11. 2013), Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011  My Rooms of Timelessness, multimedia installation, Bežigrad Gallery 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2010  Possible Stories, multimedia installation, Gallery TukadMunga, Ljubljana, Slovenia




2018  Production of desire and pleasure, The Duckling Festival 2018, festival and group show (series of drawings Your body is the image of my desire, performance Fontana)

2018 Pornceptual, group show at the launch of magazine issue number 3: Guerilla, with series Fontana (in collaboration with Jo Pollux), Humboldt Box and Soho House, Berlin, Germany

2017 Epilog, group show (video installation In rooms of memories that never where), Dvorec Novo Celje, Žalec, Slovenia

2016 House on the Hill, group show (video Disparition), Saint Marjeta Hill, Žlebe, Slovenia

2016 Masks at a contemporary art exhibitionvideo, part of group show Mondes Parallelles (Parallel Worlds), France

2014 Flatmates – multimedia installations, (photos, drawings, images, objects, video, sound, spatial installations), Gallery A+A, Venice, 20th of March - 10th of May

2013 Zabava, video + installation + performances, Trienale U3, Modern Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art MSUM, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20th June – 29th of September

2013 “Vendredi des vidéastes : histoires racontées”, projection of The boy is mine, video, Galerie de l’Angle, Paris, France

2013 series Maske (drawings, paintings, photos - wall installation), part of “Figures de déplacement” (group show), Gallery 6 B, Saint-Denis, France

2012 Alice's Landscape n. 1 – installation with sound + sound piece, at The Art of Dreaming (working title), Miklova house, Ribnica, Slovenia

2012 Kiss, the loop of Narcisse, projection of video, part of Human Emotion Project, Festival Bataclan international, Mexico city, Mexico

2011 Music Box, projection of video, Festival Oodaaq, Rennes, France

2011 Late at night, projection of video, Festival »Natures 8« Bežigrad Gallery 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 Disparition, projection of video, part of Vidéothèque evening at École nationale supérieure des beaux arts de Paris, Paris, France

2011 Music Box, video, at « Miscellaneous », group show of graduating students, l’Ecole supérieure d’art de Quimper, Quimper, France

2011 Music Box, video, at »Nucleus «, group show of graduating students,  The Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick, Irland

2010 Une autre situation, fifth year student show, l’Ecole supérieure d’art de Quimper, Quimper, France

2010 Disparition, projection of video, Festival »Natures 8« Bežigrad Gallery 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2010 Antoine and me, painting, Show of participants of Academic fine art residence of Mladinski dom Brežice, Brežice, Slovenia

2010 Antoine and me, painting, Show of participants of Academic fine art residence of Mladinski dom Brežice, Galerija Grad Mokrice, Mokrice, Slovenia

2009 Ma chambre (My Room), at the Festival »Par ici par l’art«,   Dordogne, France

2002 drawings, paintings and performative poetry evening at Red Dawns Festival of Feminist Art, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia




Archive of Slovene video art DIVA, SCCA-Ljubljana, Slovenia

Internet archive of video and film artists Mubi Garage



2018  Fontana, performance, approx. 8 min, at Production of desire and pleasure, The Duckling Festival 2018, Račka Gallery, Celje, Slovenia, September 22nd

2018  Your own Diva, solo show, 180min, Barbiche, Berlin, September 9th

2018  No merci for Fruit, performance, approx. duration 20min, at the Poetry Brothel - Bacchanal edition, Tango Loft, Berlin, August 30th

2018  Songs and performance numbers (Lonesome soldier, etc), solo show (approx. 30min), Katz and Bach Gallery, Berlin, May

2018  Cabaret in Love, trial run, 60min, Barbiche, Berlin, May

2018  Shows a la Carte, solo show, 240min (a series of 12 performances), Barbiche, Berlin, March 24th

2018  Pragnant Cat-Rabbit and Icecream (the Oslo suite), visual and musical performance, Antiplayboy the Fest Vol.1, Cafe Haerverk, Oslo, Norway, March 18th

2018  Lonesome soldier and Baby Lyn Blanche: the Dance of Pills, at Stand up Tragedy, Lovelite, Berlin, April 9th

2018  The Golden Goddess, Faetish: Cupid's Kinly Carneval, Insomnia Club, Berlin, February 16th

2018  Fontana, Pornceptual magazine launch #3, Humboldt Box, Berlin, January 27th

2017  Fontana, PAVA - Performance and Visual artists Club Festival, Alte Munze, Berlin, December 16th

2017 Fontana, performance, Pornaltes Wet and Hot Winter Edition, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, December 2nd

2017  Live music and written word performance (Release me not, Inside), Stories on stage - Queer feminist poetry and more, B-lage, Berlin, November 27th

2017 The Balloon Venus, durational installation-performance, Faetish Nymph-o, Insomnia club, Berlin, November 25th

2017  Rapparabbit, performance, Berlin Porn Film festival: Porn'Altes Lounge, October 27th

2017  Candice Jones, performance, durational, Poetry Brothel Berlin - The Lynchian Edition, Insomnia club, Berlin, september

2017 Appearing in the documentary film Red, with my show Shades of Blood, as one of the main protagonists.

2017 Slovenija gori!, direction: Sebastjan Horvat, production of Anton Podbevšek Teater (my role is one of the 5 performers and co-author of text), duration: 120 min, opening night 21st of april, than 24. in 30. april, 27. oktobra 2017 (Borštnikovo srečanje, Kranj)

2017 Cat, solo performance, approx. 9min, at festival Soundacts, Athens, May 28

2017 In rooms of memories that were not, performance in the installation (video of the dance on my website)

2016 Fontana, performance, approx. duration: 8min; VIII. contemporary dance national review, Španski borci, 9. October

2016 Pascual's evening of Virtual Tijuana, a kind of cabaret (performer and co-creator, as part of the Trabuko collective that I compose with Carlos Pascual and Maurico Valdès San Emetario), approx. duration 50min, Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20. October

2016 Shades of blood (author, performer, director, stage design and lights), performance-show, produced by Noemi Veberič Levovnik in Pocket teater studio, Ljubljana, approx. duration 70min; 17. September, 29. in 30. November, Tovarna Rog in Pocket teater studio

2016 Ne-srečna noč, cabaret (performer and co-creator, as part of the Trabuko collective), Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20th December, approx. duration 50min

2016 Shades of blood, open rehersal and first public representation, Ljubljana, Rog, 17. September

2016 Ljubljana, Rog - Cirkusarna Naokrog, 2nd September, Festival of experimental circus Fall (with performances/numbers; Lonesome town, Baby Lyn Blanche and Long winding road)

2016 Koper, Rumena noč (Hlavatyev park/Boho chic), Slovenia, 29. and 30. July: performance Rapparabbit

2016 Graz, Signdance collective, June: rehersal, research and first open rehersal for the show The Turtle Trials

2016 Ljubljana, Mladinsko gledališče: Us, the European dead (directed by Sebastjan Horvat): assistant of direction and of scenography, opening night 4. June

2016 Ljubljana, Rog, June 25th: An evening of performances, retrospective show combining performances of 2015-2016

2016 Ljubljana, Festival Spider, Španski borci, 2-3. June: Host+performance (Baby Lyn Blanche and Rapparabbit)

2015 Ljubljana, Cirkusarna NaoKrog, 19. December, Searching for the nightlife, edition Cirkusarna : show (concept, direction, main performer) - single time live event

2015 Ljubljana, klub Gromka, 15. October.: Emanat: Moira Finucane: public presentation as part of the festival City of Women with performance Lonesome town

2015 Created several performances and characters, from time to time performing in alternative space in Cirkusarna NaoKrog in Ljubljana

2015 Concert of my original music: Alica Double and Velvet do-gooders, Ljubljana, klub Gromka, 24th June, part of festival Mlade Rime (Young Rhymes)

2015 Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica, Izola, Ana Monro : Alone within the crowd 2, street theater event, - performer and co-creator

2015 Ljubljana, Gallery Alktraz in Moderna Galerija, Looking for the nightlife, three live events (Springbreak night, galerija Alkatraz, 9.4. 2015, Sketches for Voguing - Modern Gallery Ljubljana; 15.4. 2015, Skrivnost, ki jo vsem povem - Gallery Alkatraz, 5.4.)

2014 Vienna, Tüwi; Curious Circus Collective: Tüwieté, 13. in 14. December: Lulu Lapin: Bad bad bunny

2014 Ljubljana, klub Gromka, 11. okt.: Emanat: Ursula Martinez: Beyond Burlesque, public presentation as part of the festival City of Women: Bunny with a fever

2014 Ana Monro : Alone within the crowd, street theater event, - performer and co-creator, opening 18th September, in front of Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana




2009 Cameroon, residency + workshop »Art et Environnement« with Art Orienté objet and african artists, in Douala

2010 London, 2 months living and working with the experimental director and artist Stephen Dwoskin

2011 l’Ecole supérieure d’art de Quimper, Quimper, France, workshop with Nathalie Tallec

2011 l’Ecole supérieure d’art de Quimper, Quimper, France, workshop with Fanny Lechaillé

2012  Ljubljana, Emanat : Antonia Baehr & Keren Ida Nathan (Berlin): workshop of new queer burlesque Tiny Buttons

2010 - 2011  Langages/Languages - experimental platform for interdisciplinary projects at the Art School in Quimper

2014  ŠUGLA, the international street theater workshop, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014 Ljubljana, Emanat: worshop with Ursula Martinez:   Beyond burlesque

2015 Ljubljana: Emanat: Moira Finucane: Worshop of burlesque


I want a kitchy theme. Glitter, pink flamingos, old furniture, hidden rooms, tiny doors.

I imagine the goal of my art it is to create a world out of everyday, escaping it, while still holding in its essence the profound and hidden truth about ourselves, even when it's being tacky, kitchy, humorous, ironic.

I want to take you to a special place, as complex as our unconscious and as vast as a huge building with many secret paths and hidden rooms.

A place where we can dream and our dreams come true, or at least we can enjoy some catharsis, feelings and sensations, escape into associations, dreaming, traveling inside, moved by the beauty of melacholia, filled with longing, aroused by a sexy spectacle and empowered by the playful approach towards the body. I want all this to become your inner world to, or at least a place where you can go, to have fun, to bring some poetry into your life, to think about serious things while laughing, crying or enjoying an esthetic experience. I want to empower you through my exploration of (female) sexuality and body and to enchant you with the poetry of the bodily fluids and brain's imaginations.

In different periods of my life, I have focused on different arts: cinema, poetry, drawing, video, installation, performance, music,... I consider art to be my true home.

currently I am actively pursuing a life on the stage, and loving every second of it! please contact me if you want to book me!