I am a lesbian. Maybe that is my statement?

I am a lesbian and that motivates a lot of my work, or at least, since this discovery, I would like to be true to myself and frank about how much I love women, how obsessed I am with their bodies. I want to celebrate them as godesses, I want to cherish and to loose myself in devotion. I feel very religious about sex, about love and about the body. I see the skin, the shape, the firmness and the softness, I smell, I inhale deeply, I feel like I want to plunge into the deep sea of her, eat, lick, I am hungry, I want to eat her whole, I want to bite hard, I want to fill my mouth, I want to forget myself, I want to be lost in the becoming and in the coming.

I thought of myself as bisexual until my 32nd year of life. Now I see hints of my love obsession since a long time. And some of these projects I long to share with the world. I want to scream at the top of my lungs.