I am a lesbian. Maybe that is my statement?

I am a lesbian and that motivates a lot of my work, or at least, since this discovery, I would like to be true to myself and frank about how much I love women, how obsessed I am with their bodies. I want to celebrate them as godesses, I want to cherish and to loose myself in devotion. I feel very religious about sex, about love and about the body. I see the skin, the shape, the firmness and the softness, I smell, I inhale deeply, I feel like I want to plunge into the deep sea of her, eat, lick, I am hungry, I want to eat her whole, I want to bite hard, I want to fill my mouth, I want to forget myself, I want to be lost in the becoming and in the coming.

I thought of myself as bisexual until my 32nd year of life. Now I see hints of my love obsession since a long time. And some of these projects I long to share with the world. I want to scream at the top of my lungs. 

If I had to choose only one thing: Attempt at an artist statement, approx. date of creation 2014

If I had to describe only one thing, I would say my utmost motivation and excitement comes from simultaneous seeing of opposites. Usually only one pole is visible, but I am searching for a simultaneous visibility of both, dynamically co-existing. This constant swinging between the opposites is for me the main source of conflict and dynamic. The present/the past; Beauty/Disgust; Joy/Fear, Mind/Body, Male/Female, Pathethic/Humor ... and their various combinations. 

Multiplicity as a variation, as co-existence of various versions of the same character or embodiment of parts of a personality. I explore this through doubles, roles and masks and their combinations. Real double and dream double, imagined double, several kinds of doubles and multiples (my work often features ghosts and light/mirror reflections).

I am interested in the relationship between inner and outer and the manifestations of this relation.

I always ask myself: Who are we? Both in the personal and archetypal identity. I am inspired by psycholanalysis, psychology, depth psychology and gender studies. Part of this exploration is also autobiographical art (both made by others and myself, mainly in form of texts).

As part of this, sexual identity or gender identity often appears as a theme in my work, particularly womenhood / femme in its various manifestations. This exploration very often includes eros, especially as a force inside power relations between individuals and appearance of narcissism. I am interested in individual/personal obsessions, especially the ones related to love/romance.

(Judy Garland, Marylin Monroe and similar figures inspire characters, who move between humouros, horrible and adorable). Crossdressing and drag-queens also create similar sometimes clown-like, other times extremly glamourous figures, which for me have to posses something that touches us emotionally - a sort of display of fragility.  The genres that I am close to are cabaret, burlesque, variete, circus, old films...

Both formally and as content I am interested in modified levels of consciousness, especially dream-like and hypnotic, manifestations of unconscious and the dynamics that accompany them. Also occult and mysterious, especially combined with afore mentionned forms of show.

Irrational logical lines, based on association, emotional, sensual or intellectual impulse and impulsive action, something that gives the work a quality of aliveness, freshness, a feeling of walking on a fine line between falling apart and being faboulos. Ambivalence and a certain disguise in the message that it conveys.

Movement, gestures and gesticulation: I am interested in the exploration of both movement and gesticulation, especially in collaboration with choreographers of contemporary dance. Half-abstract language of the body, combined with show-related forms like tap dance, twerking, ballet, strip-tease, etc.

With all these elements I build new worlds. I am interested in our inner life.

A lot of these worlds exist because they take roots in the individuality of each creative subject. But the key moment or phase, which brings meaning and joy into the process is the combining of these worlds, for they are not separate, they express connecting or melting dimensions with others. So I am interested in transcending the individual loneliness. In my work the solitude of the individual and its tragic are often present as key images/themes.

Part of my approach is a laboratory in the everyday, where i actively acquire materials and try them out. My art work is constantly inteweaving with my daily life - I live my art, there isn't actually a separation between them, even though my art work by far exceeds my personal life and as such I do not consider it autobiographical.

In my work I am constantly intersted in two poles: on one side a sort of baroque, explosition of forms and colors, excessive kitsch, and on the other side a rigouros clean form, existential minimalism and conceptualism, which also carries an absence of action, emptiness and difficulty towards the viewer. Both go into excess, I am interested in combining them so that none of them is compromised by the other, but instead they co-exist, in a specific personal esthetic, which I want to continue developping in my work.