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Alone within the crowd, a project with the compagny Ana Monro, coproduced by Signdance collective, premiered in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2014, and continued a year later at the international festival of street theater Ana Desetnica, when we toured several slovene cities.

ANA MONRO THEATRE Large scale intimate street theatre event, Idea and direction: Goro Osojnik, Vita Osojnik & Majda Krivograd

my character was a dreamy nostalgic singer, who connected to the audience in an intimate, one on one manner, singing old songs, playing an ukulele, and falling in love several times per hour.



An individual in a group, society, world. The way we see ourselves, have no escape from ourselves, and observe our reflexion in others; our imperfections, culture, ethnic differences. There is something within you ... and something else within me. I am, we are ... This piece makes an impression on a person as well as a group, an individual as well as a society, the way we co-exist and are able to communicate although we seem totally different from one another.


My character in Alone within the crowd 2015

My character in Alone within the crowd 2015

Alone Within the Crowd presents a human being as a unique person, different yet similar. The performance is a so called happening (originating in the 60s and 70s of the previous century), and as such allows for numerous interventions in public space, thus making an individual a part of the crowd, shaping them yet keeping them unique. The artists blur the borders between themselves and the audience, inviting the latter to a common game in order to build a new community. The message is simple: although we are alone within the crowd, we are always a part of a broader community. But regardless of the sense of belonging to the crowd, the experience for each and every audience member is unique and personal.

Combining 25 street artists from 8 countries, this international project was a co-production by Ana Monro Theatre (Slovenia) and Signdance Collective International (Great Britain). It premiered on September 18, 2014, and was later performed in Maribor, whereas a modified acting cast in cooperation with students of a local university performed in April 2015 – at the opening of the 51st art festival in High Wycombe (Bukinghamshire, England).

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the turtle trials

A Sign Dance Collective production in collaboration with TRANSMITTER ARTS GRAZ and CAROVANA SMI R&D

The Turtle Trials - research development july 2016 Strassganger Bad Graz (A)



during the research for the turtle trials performance, we have learned a lot about turtles, we met up with the world renowed turtle specialist and preserver, and we had pool rehersals everyday. hopefully, the work on the show will resume soon (waiting for the funds), and the preparations might include syncronised swimming!

my poster for the open rehersal, staged at the natural open-air pool in graz, austria.