A collaborative performance

presented at

Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, April 2015 


Some moments from the first sketches of a project that keeps un evolving through the years.

Looking for the nightlife started out of a desire to explore and live several characters. To become other, to play.

I invited two theatre actors and asked them to pick three characters each - characters that they always wanted to be/inhabit/their secret desires. Anja chose a Cat, a Bride and Marlene Dietrich. Aljaž chose a King, Freddy Mercury and a Balkan Diva Singer. I chose a Princess, Baby Lyn Blanche and a Bloody rabbit who would bathe in milk. 

It was meant to be a voguing competition between the different charachters. But then we realised voguing was difficult to learn, and we had little time to prepare the performance. So it is called 'Sketches for voguing' without any voguing going on. But it became its own interesting and rich form, which is still open enough to continue being explored in the future.